When you open your eyes,
You realize you can see all the lies.
People live in their lives continuously,
But the question is, “Are they living it fully?

I ponder about a lot of inquiries.
More so those that lead to tragedies.
Why do people fight and battle against each other?,
When at end of these all we only have one another.

I have had a lot of stands.
But are all of the issues within our hands?
Do certain standards really matter?,
When we all know, in this world, we don’t have forever?

No more, is what my mind screams.
Peace, in and out, I hope in this era will beam.
How may we possibly achieve good things,”
When there are no healing, only ‘billings‘ and killings.

I wrote this again while on duty. LMAO. I tend to get pretty inspired when I’m at work, especially when I am alone. (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)

This is related to my Facebook post inquiry last week, I think. I tend to babble short phrases that my mind out of nowhere produce and I think this poem is it’s expansion. Hehehe.

Thank you!

The FB post says: “Maybe this is related or maybe this is not. But we keep on saying we’re growing, when all I see is more killing. Maybe that is related or maybe that is not. But they keep on saying it is need, when all I think of is they have the money that is ‘seeded’.


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