The Pearl

A/N: Guys, I’m on a race of thoughts tonight. Maybe it’s because of the lovely rain I hear from my open window. TT__TT This is dedicated to my blood, my nationality where even if there’s so much wrong in tons of people’s eyes, it still really is.. The Pearl. (‘∀’●)♡

A pearl is something of a precious kind,
And to it’s shell it’s temporarily bind.
It’s similar to something in the Orient Sea,
Who faced struggles just to be free.

She was once at the top of the world,
Any problems, to her side, all hurled.
But something happened and she declined,
And the bliss at the top became all that’s behind.

Each person deciphers what happened.
That even the people, to losing, had bend.
The Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines at finest, it once had.
Now most people think, it’s gone so bad.

However, when you actually walk on her streets,
That’s when something like realization hits.
Even with problems that’s been piling since then,
There’s still hope that this nation can.


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