It’s not an immediate calling,
But a time for reflecting.
That I went to on my own decision,
Which brought a chance to my head and heart always in collision.

Observing those aspiring seniors in the making,
Well, what can I say it’s truly inspiring.
But this isn’t something to hurriedly answer,
You’ll have many struggles and battles only you can conquer.

Choosing a way isn’t what you want.
But being faithful to plan God  can plant.
And you don’t need to ask where you will be,
Because in God’s time, you’ll be place to it, you’ll see.

Still, there are lots of questions in my head.
Yet I hear him “Do not be afraid.”, he said.
Stop and listen very attentively.
He’s calling you by your name carefully.

* To enter is not now and not to be pressured. To help and be in one with charity is the topmost priority. To think about partnering is obscured. Because right now, one thing is for sure: being independent and single is not even a torture. <3


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