To teach is a form of Love.

Teaching is generated by the mind
but empowered by the heart.

A little ‘Lizzie’ had so often joined,
To different literary contests, in her old schools coined.
Ranging from writing and her most favourite –declaiming,
Strongly imposed in this area in her upbringing.

This started a fire in her heart,
That somehow started murky and still had no vital part.
Not until she reached college, studying Nursing,
When she knew that while learning she loved teaching.

Flocks of ideas started to rush in,
The aspirations just to her, started to lean.
She taught of educating kids in school,
But in the end she said, “Hey, Primary Health Care is really cool.”

The laddering to her goal started at work,
Gaining experiences then started ‘mastering’ as the grandest perk,
This is a start to her, teaching effectively,
From credentials to experiences, she will achieve undeniably.

And as she pursue the flow of her aims,
She knows experiences is where learning, she will claim.
From a novice with a structured thought for learning and teaching,
Lizzie will become an expert with careful critical thinking.

I have this yearning in my heart to teach. It may have become instigated by my fascination to going upstage and either reciting or singing my heart out or from the passion I have for writing and reading books but most definitely, this may not change.

In fact, teaching brought me to a decision of staying here in the country to both earn for my family and serve the passion in me that is teaching.

Finally, the philosophy quoted above is of my own. While learning, my mind is fed thus the initiation of teaching. But loving what I am learning ignites the ardour I have for teaching.

–LEDESMA, Mary Lisbeth M.
MSN, SPUQC Batch 09


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