Every single day, one must face the day with a smile, claiming that that day will be a great day. For someone who is just starting the week, this is very vital as to jumpstart another hectic week of heavy work loads. One must always, always remember to condition one’s mind not to activate the FEAR BOX.

The FEAR BOX is somewhere hidden somewhere inside our bodies. It can be inside our minds, continuously nagging us with thoughts that may not have even happened yet. Thus, pulling us back into our comfort zones, forbidding chances to learn or even give rooms for improvement. It can also be inside our hearts, unceasingly not allowing us to repair broken relationships or more so stopping us to bring in new ones. Nevertheless, the FEAR BOX is something for us to be vigilant of.

Basically, each one of us constitutes one or more of these FEAR BOXES. It physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and even psychologically damages us in ways that may be exhibited or not. In finality, these FEAR BOXES still cost us a lot of missed opportunities and eventually, a life well lived.

Personally, I have always been carrying a lot of FEAR BOXES along my pathway to a fulfilling life. Once I had a FEAR BOX in choosing what career path I would take and here I am, though immeasurably enjoying my work, still cannot void the questions of ‘What Ifs’ in my mind. I also had FEAR BOXES in deciding to go to extra classes when I was younger and of course, all of these went to another box named Regret.

And in each day one tackles, the FEAR BOX will always be there. It troubles one’s mind so hard that one may feel panic dreading all over one’s self and mind you, this and those other feelings one get because of the effects of these FEAR BOXES, every single step to the fulfilling life is disrupted, sometimes even changed forever. This is just how this box works and as for the cure of its eradication, there is none, sad to say.

But this is how life will always be. It will always create FEAR BOXES for us to manage and overcome. We just have to resort to other boxes we will always have like the COURAGE BOXES in our hearts and the DETERMINATION BOXES in our minds. :)


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