In life, there will always be tons of things to remember.
And all of these must be with us altogether.
The things we desire will always be the happy ones.
Yet there are those that are bad that will always prance.


Things that influence make or break a day,
So always check what you will do or say.
If there are things in your life that make you angry,
These should never complicate your relationship to many.


I never understood such things in life.
That when you live you should not include others in strife.
For when you feel that you are suffering,
There should never be anger to others, projecting.


This is such a hard thing to control.
For there are things in life that are always bad in a roll.
Yet you should understand,
That others battle their own wars in spite the fact that you are mad.


There are things in life that you do not mean.
Yet for others they feel it is such a disappointing sin.
So what shall I do but to feel bothered.
When in the first place it should have never been gathered.


On the other side of such thought,
Are the things in life that you actually mean.
One must always remember this:
There is no good outcome when in harm you feel bliss.


There are things that are good.
There are things that are bad.
Remember that in good, fulfillment stood.
And that in bad, you will just continue to be mad.


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