Quotes Through the Years (Part 7)

“One must not forget such unfathomable crimes of the powerful yet one must also not condemn the individual as there is more powerful where he or she is liable the most.”


“A person you’ve had most difficult relationship might either have or had the most difficult relations in his or her life. Take note that these difficulties vary with each one of us. The easiest to us may have been difficult for others and that is where understanding sets in.”


“I’ve had my fair share of presumptions. I’ve had my own glaring, squinting, and eyes rolling towards my fair share of things, situations, and people in life. Yet at the very, very, very, very end of these fair shares are stories coming from these things, situations and people that had been unfair since the beginning and melt every presumption one always had.”


“It will be always be unfortunate to see fortunate people to feel fortunate at the misfortunes of others.”


“The times when we feel like giving up, when we feel like nothing we have done was right, when we feel the madness and irritation creeping in our bloodstream, we must always remember that these are the times where the real test of Faith begin.”


“The days we dislike the most must never be a reason for us to be sad or be mad or be bothered. Life is a wonderful thing! Bad things and good things are both gifts we must accept. As in the good ones, we feel the elation and gratefulness and for the bad ones, we start to learn more about life, about the people around us, about ourselves and its connections.”


“Pride should be like an ice cream – even with the coldness exuding, still, it should melt and be gulped in.”


“Let go of the fears and the pains and let flow of happiness and forgiveness.” ^___^V


“There will always be something wrong in us that gets noticed by other people. There will always be so many right things in us that get unnoticed by other people once the wrong starts to seep in. Do not let this become part of the norm.”


Their eyes should have seen the beauty of world in peace and not in war. Their eyes should have been crinkling in laughter and not in tears. Their eyes should have been opened to bring more of what is good in earth and protect it from the bad.


“Remove all the frustrations & disappointments for all these constitute not even half of our lives. There’s more to life for us to be thankful for. Nevertheless, always remember that in one way or another, we are connected in different ways. Be sincerely good-natured and kind-hearted to others. Be humble enough to rectify our wrongs and make them serve as learnings for the present for a righteous future.” (´⊙ω⊙`)


“When you suddenly become informed of something so little that escalated hugely and facts were twisted and you felt so wronged by the circumstances, you feel rage and its literally seeping in through your bones and even bloodstream. It makes you want to fight back, to reason out, to point out the mistakes they have done to you and in the end, you will never realize it easily but it’s pointless. You’ll just harm yourself in the end.”



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