{Poem} Glass Pains

The glass breaks suddenly
and you are far away from it.
Yet you feel the shards pricking slowly,
not your skin but something eyes can’t meet.

It was elegant and shining,
the glass that I meant.
But in the process lost its meaning,
its purpose had been bent.

You pick up everything in spite the pain.
The drops of liquid made vision blurry.
The glass will not make you sane.
It won’t even scoop all the tears in a hurry.

It was the strongest of all.
This was your sole and only thought.
But then there was this ‘quits’ you decided to call.
All those years had been for naught.

I am a spectator of such death.
Not physically but vital substantially.
There was no ending of someone’s last breath,
But of something that they both wished for eternally. 


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