It Kicks In.

When there is a change in one’s little environment,
there’s always this feeling of wondering the predicament.
Starting to seep all sorts of things that mean,
Anxiety: it’s there and kicks in.

When you’re a person who favors unending support,
because you believe there’s always people who’ll be a strong fort.
Yet reality tells you this isn’t true.
There are things individually, you must do.

If you’re someone who lacks confidence,
and when left alone feels so tense,
then it’s suggested to never panic.
Be calm and practicing hard should do the trick.

Of course there are things that aren’t in your control.
And for someone’s help you definitely should call.
Just remember that these are all important learnings,
For No Anxiety Beginnings.

Heaving a breath, so deep and shaky.
Unnerving feeling shakes me so strongly.
Tomorrow is another day,
Where all my learnings will pay.

It kicks in, anxiety that is.
And all I’m wishing for is no toxicity please.
Yet I should believe in myself,
With the Almighty’s strength I will have Him in my shelf.

A/N: I can actually feel my heart beating faster when I think about tomorrow but with His guidance, I will be safe. No matter how hard it is, let’s always face another day with courage as there is no tomorrow if we back out in our daily activities. ヾ(@† ▽ †@)ノ


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