Quotes Through the Years (Part 8)

“Challenges are meant to challenge. That is why they’re called like that. In the mean time, you always have to believe what my best friend said before that, ‘Better days will always come.'” There is no easy job. Indeed, some things are missed truly. If you want to leave, just finish the job and get the hell out of there. If you are just tired, pray and relax. If you are still undecided or confused even, let decisions delay. You may hurt yourself in the end. No matter what, love ones will always be there to support you.”

“Anger clouds the mind in doing a wise decision and envelopes the heart with unyielding pride.”

“Dysphagia is a Latin term for difficulty in swallowing. Hence, stop associating this with pride.”

“I’ve experienced being told of something I don’t like and I don’t agree on and to be honest, it’s kind of irritating. But the irritation tells me that somewhere along the things told had the truth I can’t accept. Might as well, expand my super closed mind that takes things so seriously creating gaps and misunderstandings. In this way, I can change not aiming to be better but to create harmony.”

Murakami insists to inject reality and imagination into your minds that unavoidably brings confusion mentally. Yet all the more transcends to something that brings tranquility into your hearts. You just crave for more. (´・ω・`)

“Nakita mo ang anak ng bagong kapitbahay mo, isang batang babaeng nakatingin sa iyo. Ngumiti ka’t kumaway sinabi’y, ‘Halika rito.~’ Ngunit sabi niya’y, ‘Hindi pwede. Sabi ni yaya ‘di ako pwede umalis dito.’ Marahil strikto ang magulang nito naisip mo kaya’t ikaw na lamang ang lumapit para makipagkaibigan dito. Nang ika’y malapit na, halakauy! tumagos sa pinto! Nakita mo sa bintana kasama na si yaya walang ulo.” Hehhhhhhhhhh. XD

“A friend who cheers sincerely, a friend who loves so dearly. A friend who is lying down weakly, a friend we know will fight strongly. It’s every single day we get on with our lives, yet our minds get so confused and afraid, stabbed by the knives. But deep, deep down inside, we know in that condition you will not slide. We know you’re a fighter, we’ll continue our hopes for recovery in form of a united prayer.” Papa, remove all the physical conditions and we’ll always be there to fix the emotional reasons.

“Little flicks of wand, I wish. For each person to open mind, unleash. Stars up in the sky, they see. All things good I’ve done, it’s charity. Storms destroy peaceful places, indeed. Like storms from the mouth, my heart just bleed. Yet each day there is a reminder, oh dear. The sky will once go back to being clear.” The fragrance of the rose means success and the thorns of the rose mean the failures. Both of which intercede to Child Jesus, from St. Therese, I know I did not lose. Thank you for humbling me Your presence for this week’s challenges, for continuously hearing the prayers for Chelsie, for my father’s birthday, and for every single thing, good or bad, which makes me closer to You. ^o^

It’s all blaming. It’s all pin-pointing. Everyone is misunderstanding. When the essential part is all on the part of “helping” even without the damn crediting. -.-

When you think of your life as something so bleak, then you might have had this faith so weak. You may not have those items on your wants, at least primarily your needs are complete in great chants. Worry not about the things you desire. For some day the world in positivity for you will conspire. Trust and walk on your path without infliction of pains. In time you will become free from the chains.”

The honking of a car horn is actually a measure of one’s patience. That is, if you are able to drive. Otherwise, the measurement transforms to how one treats someone who is serving his or her food.


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