Caffeine Hits 1: Scrambled Thoughts

I know I should rest.
for tomorrow rest won’t be the best.
As early in the morning is for electrodes,
and late in the afternoon is dancing mode.

But I drank coffee that is why,
my system is alive I shouldn’t cry.
So, I made myself productive,
like what the Homily said, “Before God comes, be active.”

Things of last week were overwhelming,
not for me but for every single thing I was observing.
Heartbreaks heard and problems began,
yet lovers formed and business ran.

I am most grateful when I look around,
seeing things for others become positive and sound.
I think this has become my mentality,
that whatever happens sacrifice is for everybody.

There was once when I went to a night market,
when in the jeepney there was a kid we met.
The turmoil in my heart intensified,
the promise I had to Him just magnified.

It isn’t a secret that I am discerning,
if I stay here or answer the calling.
But no matter what I do it is for this,
I want Him to make me an instrument of peace.

I’m always queried if I think about family,
a family of my own I think is not for me.
My desire to help my parents and love ones is strong,
but staying in solace is what I want for long.

The first and last thought of my day goes like this,
that whatever I do living fully I should not miss.
For I do not know when my own physical death comes,
sometimes it is sudden just like the sound of a Bam!



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