I am officially two years old! 〜(^∇^〜)

It has been more than two years actually, considering my training months. However, my identification card says the company hired me on the twenty-first of December two thousand and twelve that is why I am two today!

The thought brings me to an alloy of more thoughts and several feelings.


After a month of intended laziness which was my well-deserved break from the mind-decaying licensure exam which I luckily passed, I got a text saying to bring all my requirements for training at a hospital. To be honest, all I felt during that time was pure uncertainty and anxiety. The thought of stepping into another realm scared me too much to become joyful to what should have been a ‘lucky opportunity’.

It was two days after my birthday that I started training at the particular hospital. The first few days or weeks or months I actually cannot remember anymore were particularly difficult for me. I am, in fact, a very sentimental person and detaching myself from the way of life I had for four years in college made me emotional every single day. I went home feeling fulfilled with all the learnings I got but then my heart still yearned for the things I loved in school. It was hard but naturally, I got by and learned to let go.

On the other hand, I was practically mute-like when I started working at the area I was assigned. Since this was my first employment, I had no idea what to do, no idea what to expect, and no idea what to feel. Being one of the youngest initially, I succumbed to observing my seniors and nodding at all their instructions to me. At the reception area, if I had nothing to do, I perfected the art of becoming a statue and stood straight as a ruler, not moving, not talking, doing nothing at all for the nervousness and the shyness were both eating me too much.

I cannot remember when but the ice eventually broke and warmth seeped in. I came out of my shell and started building great relations toward my seniors. Looking back, I am feeling grateful for they all taught (and still are teaching) me a lot in work and in life.


The bouts of nostalgia strike me every now and then. During my college years, I shed tears when I was in first year for I was missing high school. When I started working, I shed tears when I was still a trainee for I was missing college. After I got used to working, I shed tears from the pains of reality which definitely shaped me to the two years old I am today.

I started to wonder if I have changed. If I have gotten something valuable and invaluable or if I have given something away important and unimportant in my life. In the two years of being in the employment world, something in me stirred to the path I chose or have been called to.

In the span of two years, there were a lot of things that happened simultaneous with a lot of things I have thought of.


1. Real life brings you more thoughts than when you were in school.
2. Work brings you anxiety initially. But when you start, you realize there’s orientation period.
3. Becoming an adult does not equalize to you stopping to be like a child.
4. Therefore, you can stop acting childish but preserve being childlike.
5. Work is tiring but it is up to you to make it fulfilling.
6. Smiles are the best to calm down irate hearts.
7. When you encounter unpleasant conversations especially through phones, do not judge instantly.
8. You have to always remember that there are two sides in a story or maybe even more.
9. Every work area is different that you cannot compare them at all.
 Be thankful to all the people you encounter be their ranks at the topmost or not.
11. Sometimes those who are the lowest ranks need the appreciation you can bring.
12. Becoming a leader entails responsibility.
13. In order to become one, you must not be able to forget your tasks while being a leader.
14. Experiences will teach you a lot of things.
15. You have to humbly share all the learnings to others for them to grow.
16. Always think of a person positively.
17. No matter what fault a person does, you have to remain unbiased and deal with the person objectively.
18. You should not weigh workload.
19. Instead, do your best in everything you can.
20. Respect should always be given even if sometimes others fail to return them.

These are just some of the things I learned and sharpened as I entered the work life. I am celebrating my two years in work today! Let us continue to become inspired to work hard for ourselves, family, society and especially to God.  I still am unable to plot the life I will be having but I know not to waste time and do things with gladness. I also know now not to hold back and reach for new opportunities. 。◕‿◕。



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