Thank you, Pope Francis.

I do not have the opportunity,
to see you in reality.
But from the very start,
I watched you roving from a cart.

I went home from work and turned the TV on,
my tears just spilled when I saw your smile shown.
It was gentle yet inviting;
It was something that to all of us is a blessing.

For just a short time there stands unity,
that I wish transcends for eternity.
Not just for the purpose of this activity,
but for the sake of our nativity.

Your messages were all so striking,
that made all our hearts go melting.
The missions we all have to do,
should continue and not vanish too.

There are things I just want to point out,
things that may make someone pout.
But I feel like these things are true,
This is what I need to do.

To you who heads this nation,
do not be lead by bitterness and negative emotion.
Melt all those anger in your heart;
Even your enemies in rebuilding must take part.

To you who is straight in ruling,
continue your tireless serving.
Stray away from the temptations of evil,
and do what you need to fulfill.

To you who is corrupt and greedy,
may you open your mind and heart to reality.
What you are doing is a sin,
and to the Almighty Father you must lean.

To us who are part of this nation,
let us stop sending those who commit sin in damnation.
Let us tell the world of His love;
Be a messenger of Him like a dove.

Thank you, Pope Francis.
You made our minds and hearts be in peace.
You made us realize the importance of our mission,
To be in God’s love is our volition.

Let us always remember what we have been challenged to do by our dear Pope Francis.
May God bless Pope Francis, our country, and the whole world.


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