[Poem] Untitled #5

The demands of each are toiling,
when we don’t act and focus on fuming.
What do we aim in the exposure of things,
when we all feel we’re all queens and kings?

We can’t compare the old against new.
It is something where frustration is on queue.
Yes, we can always spot differences,
but those don’t mean extreme effervescence.

We tend to spite those we don’t believe,
and in this hate we all deeply live.
The errors of others we simply put into light,
when our own, we hide from the physical sight.

In this place, it is so bizarre,
when those in poverty, help is afar.
We need to reflect and identify priorities.
Please, let us end all inequalities.

A/N: I become easily affected by things around me. Today, the thought that bugged me was, “The denials (of corruption) from those seated on their respective positions (and are questioned over and over and over again) are so strong when in and out of government structures and facilities (maybe not all), there are things which are severely  and clearly lacking?” I should’ve titled this as, ‘I am not blind.’.


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