Observing & Thinking

There were things I observed before which provoked me to induce more thinking in my head.
Sometimes they made no sense while sometimes they create learnings instead.
I knew the thoughts were useless at times.
However, I knew observing & thinking were both acts when good cannot be part of the crimes.
These are some of those weird and random thoughts.
Please take some time to read these notes.

1. If I complain about the state of our country, again and again & harshly and negatively, should I be wise enough to avoid throwing trash to streets which destroy the built structures my tax had contributed to?

2. If I complain about the state of our country, again and again & harshly and negatively, should I never buy pirated DVDs and never download unlicensed files which are both considered a big no-no?

3. Sometimes, our nationality is being mocked by foreigners and we see them online. Are we angry about those things and respectfully ask them to remove such mockeries or do we bash and destructively criticize them as well?

4. Bakit kapag dalawang girl bffs ang magkahawak ng kamay it’s friendship pero kapag dalawang boy bffs ang magkahawak ng kamay it’s something “different”?

5. Bakit blue para sa lalaki tapos pink para sa babae? Hindi ba pwedeng no color association?

6. Bakit kapag sa kalsada tapos heavy traffic pero okay ang traffic lights tapos kaka-green lang bumubusina agad yung nasa likod mong kotse? Notification lang ba iyon kasi baka hindi pansin yung traffic lights o sadyang atat lang yung nasa likod mo?

7. Ano yung pinakapurpose nung poles sa gitna ng LRT trains? Hawakan ba yun ng mga kamay ng mga sumasakay o sandalan ng 1 or 2 na katao?

8. Tsaka sa maluwang na train, hindi ba exit muna yung nasa loob bago entrance nung nasa labas o ang talagang method sa train gestures ay “bump persons”?

9. If you have certain interests which do not affect negatively any individual, why are they mocked and why do one sometimes feel singled out by the fact that you have such interests?

10. Do you feel uncomfortable when men who you do not know greet you randomly even calling you certain things and you feel like it is improper? Why do they do that anyways? This may be for women too, you know.

11. Why do we always compare just like what I am doing right now?

12. Bakit ang baba ng sahod dito sa Pilipinas? Hindi ko maintindihan kasi ang dami naman ng bagong nagsusulputang kotse sa kalsada. Gusto ko nga yung Hyundai Eon ba iyon? Tsaka, ang daming report ng mga income galing sa iba’t ibang sectors ng government? Bakit parang wala naming nangyayari?

13. Bakit ang negatibo ng tao minsan?

14. Bakit ang daming pinag-uusapan sa Senado parang wala namang nangyayari?

15. Bakit nga ulit negatibo ang tao minsan?

16. Bakit kapag may bagong rule na hindi pa nasusubukan umaangal agad tayo? Bakit ang dami natin kaagad sinasabi?

17. Bakit puro showbiz yung nakakaakit sa balita? Bakit puro negative nakikita? Hindi ba pwedeng may good news din para maka-inspire?

18. How should a president, when it does not matter if he or she is involved in a strife, apologize in behalf of his or her subordinates because it is what I feel is proper and polite?

19. How should peace prosper if officials fund those who oppose peace?

20. Bakit ang dami kong iniisip?

This is just the beginning. I just want to take down all of my random thoughts, essential or unimportant, so I can refresh my mind for new ones. These are opinions in the form of questions and pop in my mind randomly at random times, hahh.

There will be more of these.~


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