When did we become so harsh?

There was this celebrity, who had miscarriage in reality. A photo was posted online, showing she was not fine.

Instead of pitiful hearts, criticisms were in large parts. Have we not realized that this was something to be empathized?

I think instead of creating negativity, there should always be positivity. If being harsh becomes our option, what would happen to our nation?

Since when did we become so harsh?

It’s difficult to find the good things when we are always faced with the worst things. Yet this is the main challenge humanity must conquer. Oftentimes, stress topples over the goodness of things. We almost find it the hardest to appreciate even the simplest of things because we’ve become so focused on the things that we think matter more.

Let go of the hate and stop the hating. Leave behind the negative assumptions of what we see particularly from the social media and start viewing the world in a more positive light. It actually feels a lot better if we’re thankful of every single thing we experience in this world.

Being harsh only brings more plaques into your life calcifying the what should be great flow of it.

Smile! :)


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