(POEM) Love and Fear + a work in progress

This piece was intended to be sent through a poetry organization but it felt like this isn’t for the compilation of the literary works. I guess I need to compose myself and write another set for the poetry organization. This is for the people who enjoy being a lone wolf perpetually or not.

Since the youngest days,
this had been what I say.
My path is either to enter or not,
the convent or be single that’s that.

When I grew a bit old,
several issues just unfold.
It was the beginning of my teenage years
and there started all of my fears.

Then I became much older,
yet I felt my heart becoming colder.
As every friend with rings become bound,
I knew being alone is just as sound.

Oftentimes I am asked if this is okay,
that I choose to be single every day
This question bugs me a lot
yet fear in my heart they will not spot.

Solace is my greatest friend.
Whatever I do, my heart cannot send.
It is fixed to being a single one,
with asking for my heart all shunned.

Love and fear mix in my heart.
In my mind, they both also are part.
The fear of being alone consumes,
and the path of life resumes.

Love and fear should not appear.
Love should only be the one that is clear.
Single or not it is not important,
and it is happiness you should just hunt.



This is an excerpt from the  idea for my next writings. I became inspired with the recollection given by our company which tackled Love with eros, philos, and agape. This gave me a lot of thoughts though:

When he cups her cheeks, he makes them warm.
And when she smiles, he knows he’s charmed.
The laughter which echoes across the room,
He knows she’s the most beautiful flower that bloomed.


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