The End

When she closed her eyes,
she felt all of her life’s lies.
It was not she is expecting;
the life she has had no meaning.

Swallowed by every thing she sees,
it’s like her life has been given the death’s kiss.
“There is practically no point.”, she says.
She has been thinking her life’s a mess.

Her heart’s been tainted by colors,
colors which closed all the contented doors.
Smeared by the inks of insecurities,
All of what she sees direct all her jealousies.

The curves destroy her sanity.
All the things she want straight obsessively.
She directly knows this is wrong,
but she cannot help it as she goes with life along.

But this is the one that will bend,
and promises that this is the end.
The start of tomorrow is the beginning,
of a life I need to be having.


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