I Hear in the Dark

Whispers, I hear in the dark.
In my heart, they create the spark.
Confusions, they start to appear.
The inevitable goodness, this disappear.

Ignition of what has been bent is done.
I thought what made me will never be gone.
As I tried to view that is the heart,
There was no hope they will be removed of the bad part.

Then someone brings a paintbrush with Him.
And like a canvass, He painted me cream.
The murkiness of the bloodstream overflows.
The clarity of the painted one shows.

The sun shines bright for the day.
And there is no negative I have to say.
Even when it sets there is no problem.
As the moon beams like an emblem.

Whispers, I still hear in the dark.
In my mind, they sing like a lark.
Confusions, I still feel under my ears.
The inevitable goodness, they are in my fears.


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