Quotes Through the Years (Part 9)

Smiles for them should be forever, abuse and violence should be never.
This is a wish for twenty-fifteen, actions exemplified not just words that’s seen.


“We do not notice the good because we dwell in the bad.” Nung maisip ko ‘to, ang initial reaction ko ay, “Hindi kaya!!! Madami naman kasi talagang masasam–” Oops.


“Have you ever wondered what if we have our bodies in translucent forms? Then, instead of seeing the faint forms of the vital organs and other parts, you see the paths of our life’s journey: the happy routes and the painful tracks? Do you think, in this imaginative world, we may realize.. how essential it is to instead of adding the tracks we create more routes?”


“There is this automatic reaction from us when we face disdainful things. This is acceptable. However, if this continues up until we realize we should have been open-minded or even just a bit understanding, the hope for the good change wanes.”


We are blessed, we have been blessed, and we will be blessed by the simple and kind-hearted man that represents God in many ways.


“The visit is for the purpose of mercy and compassion. It is not for the purpose of addressing the disliking of a former colleague or anything that reflects negativity. It is not an opportunity to recall what others did that have hurt you or anyone else. I may shield you against other stones hurled toward you but the act in question was incorrect. Yet as mercy and compassion are both highlighted, I will forgive.”


“Be merciful to those who hurt you and be compassionate towards those who are hurt. The ones who wronged you must receive mercy and the ones who are wronged must receive compassion. All the same.”


To fulfill the mission, we have to love. There should be no room for hatred. There should always be room for chances. Whatever status one has in this world we are living in, there should be love, no hate, and more chances. As a nation, we are angered by misuse of what we are striving to pay for. However, we have been called to fulfill the mission. Stop the spite and instead find others who are willing to take on the challenges hurled toward the country. We give chances to those who failed to fight temptations and never ever give up in praying for everyone.


“Every single day is not only a blessing but also a challenge. We are blessed to be challenged to tell the world of God’s love as we are His children.” Thank you, ‪#‎Pope‬ ‪#‎Francis‬ for strengthening our faith and pulling us back to the path of the Good News. As another day begins, remember his message. Protect the families. Protect the communities.


“What is the most important subject you have to learn in life? To learn how to love. This is the challenge that life offers you: to learn how to love. Not just to accumulate information without knowing what to do with it.. But through that love let that information bear fruit.” – Pope Francis
Learn to love and let go. There are things we will always be not in favor. But we should opt to offer them to the Most High, for Him to dissolve everything and let love and understanding reign.


“WE are ALL God’s CHILDREN.”


The earth got it all for us.


“When the emcee apologized, she started to wonder. What did he do to apologize? Where did the scrutiny came from? If they did look in a different perspective, a massive number of people were coming in to attend the event and in the earliest times possible. It was exhausting and may have been energy-depleting. The exercises he did may have been starting since the early morning. When at the end, it was shown, there appeared the negatives. It was a wonderful day. It was a blessing from the Most High. The act did not harm. Instead, seen on a negative light by some. Remember the missions we’ve accepted. Learn to love. Protect your communities. Be a family. It’s not just the mind but there’s also the heart and the hand.”


The cries barge in astoundingly. With pleas from the confusion, be free. Lives were taken in an instant. Suspicions highly so blatant. Salute to the men who served the country more. Always remember our dear forty-four.


“The event strikes you to the core. Remember the forty-four.”


“Let us not defame the individuals involved. Let us not put in the personal blunders others may have committed. Let us not delve too much, discussing matters where others were wrong or misled. The vital points involve actions and not only the words uttered especially by public mouths. Yet in all fairness, as we wait for their actions, which we require as responsible and sensible, we also have to stand for the goodness and sensibility of our own ones. If the dynamics of this entirety is handled only on one side of the scale, growth and progress will not occur. Hence, if we insist authorities to stop being fools and serve the way they need to serve, we must insist on ourselves too to be the most responsible bunch of bees. It takes two to tango. If you ask the influential to provide the necessary laws, it is on us to obey.”


“I am confused because of it, all their reasons, in the middle cannot seem to meet. The mission was having its great essence, but those leading, in their minds, had no sense. Is this just me or it is like this in reality? Decisions they had, failed, when in the end this was something they should have nailed.”


“I shaded yesterday, tinted yellow. His decisions seemed to be so hollow. I am tempted to snarl at his judgment, yet realized I have also done wrong which others lament. The screen showed the cries and pleas, for him to step down in a tone of ‘please’. There will be no change in whatever there is, when each of us, towards what is convenient kiss.”


“But what is happening is not confusing because one cannot give excuses to a wrongdoing. If there is something we cannot miss, it is to the fallen we will bestow justice.”
“How many of those who sat on the highest of the seats been asked of this? It is actually a cry for justice for the nation. The requesters hold valid reasons yet the article holds another valid one. If only one can try without any compromise.”  http://www.rappler.com/…/83196-presidential-resignation-mat…


“When proving the faults matter more than the effects of everything else.” http://www.rappler.com/…/83166-conflict-food-insecurity-hun…


“War should have, in the first place, never been an option.”


“Pointless reason will end to destruction.”


“Weaponry must be unavailable to all but this is impossible. –__–” http://www.rappler.com/…/83923-milf-commander-no-overkill-m…


“I am so surprised we, as a nation, came out as one of the top contributors! This is so.. wait.. WHAT?”  http://www.rappler.com/…/83759-amount-plastic-wastes-oceans…


“It was hoped to be benign,
but there was treadmill stress until nine.
Good thing there were these girls,
friends like precious pearls.
One thing I learned from toxicities,
never be overwhelmed by such activities.
Patience and Passion should conquer,
as we are always with the Almighty Father.”


“Those were the firsts & that was the last; patience ran thin and the contrary to blast. It’s not always the goodness that springs but with the Father we’re voided of bad things. Those were the firsts & that was the last; I will hide everything in the past. The exhaustion and the pains, I will forget. Being positive, I will set. Those were the firsts & that was the last. With power, responsibility is a must.”


“Feminism isn’t directed to man-hate. It’s a movement that pushes equality. It’s a movement where women can take men to dinner & vice versa. It’s a movement where men can cry about anything & vice versa. It’s equality, basically. Period.” Please watch the Facebook event by HeForShe. Emma told us things which were unspoken before.


“Happiness must always be seen in the simplest of things.” 8D


“The yellow pride must step aside, the yellow pride must be placed behind. The yellow history should not be in redundancy, the yellow history should create responsibility. The yellow man who I voted as our man, the yellow man with other opinions he shuns. The yellow consistency I hoped for prosperity, the yellow consistency waning with forty-four separately.”


“If we came from a heroic father and an influential mother, the expectations hit the roofs. The ideal character will always be humility. I never expected the born one to accept each responsibility, even if the situations came from the born one’s subordinates. I just desire for humility somehow accepting that somewhere between the forty-four, there skipped a number or two. In specificity, lapse. Nevertheless, action thereafter.”


“Do not let anger transform the beauty that you are.”


“The final flick of the wand is near, this is my last time here. The real adventures will begin, and all the goodness shall be seen.”


“The sky meets the tree midline. Here in my place everything is fine. Yet there on the other side screams lies. Let us pray for ‪#‎Nepal‬ where everyone cries.” (┳Д┳)


“I was wishing for the bonus to come so I can splurge a bit on the things I want. However, there was a feeling that overcame me which screamed this is something I needed to do.”


“There should be no time to fret. Patience and understanding you should have met. Even if exhaustion is like a butter making you melt, you have to ignore the worsening welt. When the tears threaten to fall, you know who you are going to call. He is always there you see, even if you think of other ways aside from Him to be worry-free.”


“Sumentro na sa mga isyung nakapalibot at napalayo sa taong noong una’y isang bayan nating pinagdasal na mapalayo sa kamatayan.”


“Nakakatakot ngang lubusang magpahayag ngayon ng damdamin sa bawat nararanasang suliranin. Ikaw man ay napag-utusang sabihin o ito talaga ang nilalaman ng damdamin. Isang bayan nating gustong pigilin – ang pagpatay sa taong nais nating sagipin. Ano nga ba’t nagpupumilit tayong pasalamatin ang taong ilang taong sa pagsubok ng pagkawala ng minamahal ay napasubo din. Oo at ang pasasalamat ay dapat naman talagang binabalik rin ngunit ang pagbibigay ng mga naturang reaksiyon ay dapat ring patigilin.” http://www.mb.com.ph/ungrateful-veloso-mom-enrages-netizens/


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