Open & Close

Last night, thoughts were strongly surging in my head. These thoughts were caused by events which happened both in the world I am living in and in the world that we are all currently thriving in. Both negative and positive, they make up to who and how I am shaped as an individual. I felt the urge to share them because there is this glint of hope that these thoughts may once or twice or maybe even numerous times, become an inspiration to all of you.


In the daily servings of different types of clientele, there are those who inspire you to persevere. They praise your line of work. They never forget to be patient for any inconsistencies (which aren’t leading to any hazardous events) and never forget to always be grateful for the things you’ve been continuously doing to them. They make your passion for work stronger than ever.

Other times, there are those who practically shout at you. There are those who have been blinded by their current states, seemingly forgetful of despite the minimum amount of returns we get from being persevering servers for their needs, we still serve consistently with excellence. In these memories, I still cannot forget that one statement which ultimately meant I was practically a useless individual just because I didn’t get what she was inquiring. It was rather hurtful but in the line of life I am journeying into, I need to become OPEN.

Opening my mind, heart, and soul to anything that is positive and closing against the negative is such an arduous task but you definitely master it every single work day of your life. You learn to ignore the pains and aches and transform the heartwarming compliments as energy balls to kick out the things you hear which aren’t helpful for your growth as a worker and as an individual.


When a stranger shared a story about the unfair judgment of the world, mentally, I was disagreeing to his statements. He said that, “There are people who are continually tricking you. They are using their special skills to lure you into the depths of exhaustion and more often than not, they emerge as victors.” I was having a hard time distinguishing the truth from his statements when real life hit me right in front of my face. It wasn’t me though but a long time friend of mine. She was a living exhausted human form. She was mechanically doing her tasks because of the people around her taking advantage of her. She was crying, not evident on her face but figuratively, you can hear her heart crying.

She had the words of a person ‘who had enough’ of the lies and the trickeries she had fallen into. She was an industrious person who valued her tasks so well and dedicated her life into her work. She was underpaid but saw her main objectives as her small steps for her big success. But at last, she conceded against the lazy ones. She lost against those whom she told me ‘were people who were not consistent with cooperation and leadership’. However, I taught her the word, “CLOSE” and the tables turned.

A person who is having a hard time must close his or her mind on those thoughts which weaken the beautiful spirit of a human. This is, of course, rather hard but in order to exceed the paths of those who aren’t good workers, you need to do this and you will triumph in the end. It is difficult but with being open towards positivism and close against the negativities, you will become a winner.


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