Collapsing Walls

Life isn’t short. I think it’s regarded to be short because in spite of the needs we can actually obtain, we think and wish about our wants especially those we still haven’t acquired yet and our feeling of contentment makes us believe that life is short when it isn’t. We need to live life fully without regrets and day by day, enjoy the things we simply need to be thankful for.

Once screwed, it’s over.
The vital things, all covered.
This shouldn’t be the case.
In life, dreams are chased.

Learnings we get from the past,
and in present, to focus is a must.
This is our future’s inspiration,
we’re going to the right direction.

Break out from what’s troubling you,
get up and live fully too.
Get past the collapsing walls,
and answer fully to life’s calls.

*Yesterday’s Mass stirred something inside me. I was called to boast about my weaknesses instead of my acquired strengths. It was confusing at first, but as this became discussed, I finally had understood how I was called.

There are times where I complained because I got hurt. I noticed the things which made me weak and I defended my state when I should have not. I should have humbled myself and prayed. I should have accepted my weaknesses too in order for us to become at peace.

I need to get past my walls in order to see past the hindrances of having a fulfilling life.

Good thing they’ve collapsed.


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