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The music starts and her mind is still blank. There is so much to release but everything keeps withheld inside. Both eyes are closing recalling the wins and the losses and everything stirs what is withheld inside.

He waves at happiness,
and it’s noticed by sadness.
It comes near,
and it befriends fear.

The spoiled wine spills on the floor with the glass breaking. It cannot be drank and the glass cannot be fixed anymore. Irreparable, it seems to be. However, there still is wine in your fridge ready to be served, chilled and prepared. A new set of glasses has been laid down on the table, ready to be used.

It breaks your heart,
it is your part.
The emotions void,
the fear you avoid.

The scar that cuts your face runs shallow yet fresh. A blade cuts you further and runs deep, still fresh. The pain makes you cringe but does not let you die. There is something you search for now to heal the wound made.

Testing the waters slowly,
with emotions running freely.
Creating the new course,
you erase remorse.

Two sides of the coin creates curiosity. It is permanent and clipped to reality. You cannot examine it truly because of the demands of life. You do not notice the chips and cuts and assume its utility.

You close your eyes in guilt,
for destroyed parts built.
Yet there’s a road for repair,
in hearts with care.

Listen to your heart. Be able to distinguish the good part. There is always something that is wrong. The good parts are the ones which are long. Wipe out the parts with rust. For in the end, our lives end and it’s a must. Embrace the lacking and not preferred. The call of the Father, you heard. Melt that stains in your heart. There is always a great start.


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