Poetry: Melting

You hear it cracking,
and you pretend its nothing.
Until it breaks,
feeling what the cold makes.

It gets through you,
hurting too.
With defeat and regret,
the goals you have not met.

The entirety begins to melt,
and the coldness severely felt.
You slip and fall,
and you freeze before the call.

It is at the peak freezing point,
you feel cramped and cannot move even a joint.
Your eyes start to close,
and even movement decided to doze.

The ice melts as soon as the sun rises,
still you recall broken promises.
The coldness subsides,
until fate gradually decides.

Summer comes and its warmth you feel.
Charm and positivism as the meal.
Soon everything goes back to normal,
and away the thoughts of being dismal.


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