Are you afraid?

You closed your eyes and envisioned your future.
It is fear which needed cure.
You unconsciously fell down.
Not interested even with the crown.

You thought you were crashing.
But instead you went drowning.
You fell deeper into the ocean.
And screamed your fears like a madman.

You saved a lot of air.
Because you thought no one will care.
You closed your eyes again.
No future only past’s stain.

Everything is scaring you.
Until you fall deeper too.
You still extend your hand.
Waiting for a hand to land.

It is past your limit.
The end you think you will meet.
You smile which does not reach eyes.
Mentally you are saying goodbyes.

Until the clouds cleared.
And the sun appeared.
The light rays seeping.
You felt it blinding.

The warmth you suddenly long.
And feel like this is wrong.
You are becoming weak.
But the hope is as its peak.

Both arms you raise.
Like in heavens you praise.
You paddle your feet.
The strongest hope is lit.

You rise from the water.
It is the life which matters.
“Are you afraid?”, they ask.
No, to live fully is my task.



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