Tainted Metal

The doll used to be the most missed,
with the owner she’s always kissed.
The doll was included in all her memories,
the plastic heart full of unseen bliss.

In every play, the doll is in place.
The owner takes care even the doll case.
Every night the doll is by her tide,
and in the dark both their feelings hide.

Days passed and plays ran by,
the doll met goodbye.
Falling onto the mud,
the owner telling, ‘This is bad.’

She asks her mother to wash the doll,
and at first she had difficulty to lull.
And soon the owner forgets every memory,
with the doll because she is now faulty.

The plastic heart which turned to gold,
now in despair cannot unfold.
To a tainted metal, the doll became,
because of a mistake, that’s a shame.



In four, things started a detour.
Mentally and emotionally, I became poor.
In four, the rain unceasingly poured hard.
Paranoid and worrying, I became a retard.

Hey, miss, this is for you. Stop worrying about every single thing and move forward.


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