I wish to travel,
With stories to tell.
I planned to quit,
With hope that’s lit.

The interest was growing,
With idea that’s endearing.
The scheme started to stretch,
Without the language it’s far-fetched.

Until there were cries,
Like the life was just pure lies.
It was a bloody attack,
Where the innocent were taken aback.

Every single day there’s killings,
The vicious do not have feelings.
It’s not even about the beliefs,
It goes beyong erroneous cliffs.

Anger spread like wildfire,
With the enemy getting what he desires.
To create disunity among nations,
Because of the unequal attention.

Remember every land on earth,
Peace is what you should give birth.
The Tower should be the eye-opener,
That we’ll end this war altogether.

There is no one who can make this world a better place but..

Oui. WE.


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