“Please do not forget to unhook the bad wires and let the good ones stay.”

I have no power,
not even at the highest tower.
Toiling hard is my expertise,
and days at work I don’t miss.

I shed some tears for the bad times,
but I battle all these bad crimes.
Firmly believing in my area’s skills,
even if pay sometimes can’t pay bills.

Fly and away others go,
because of the new family I can’t though.
So we simultaneously build fun and work,
where excellent performance lurk.

But sometimes as a human I fail,
and because of one it turns to an ugly tale.
There is this one mistake,
forgetting all the good things I make.

Stature should not get into the head,
so please remember these things I said.
Maybe you didn’t mean to be that high,
but it can become the reason why the best say, ‘bye’.

This is a written note that I will persevere more.
This is a written note that may become a memory once I become successful.
I should become a servant to lead so I must unhook the bad wires in order to let the good wires be transferred to others.


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