1. I close my eyes and smile.

Looking back should not be painful anymore.
I should focus with the present and work hard core.
I close my eyes and smile.
Saying continuously, “Cheers to another mile!”.

Smiles of the past makes my heart warm.
Yet I remember the cries doing harm.
I shake my head to ignore the pain.
So in the future happiness is what I will gain.

Memories should set me free.
Not forcing to enclose me.
I raise my arms with all my might.
Throwing pains at my sight.

I begin another day, another year.
With strength, having no fear.
Cheers to two thousand and sixteen.
What a wonderful year the past has been.

151231 BTS Jimin

© BTS Official Facebook (photo)

“I close my eyes and smile.”


Writing helped me overcome both the big and small slumps of my life in the past year and I am determined to continuously write.
I will write as I dream. I will write as I run.
Let’s all shine and hit big this 2016!

I am always thankful to the people I love & to the people who inspire me.
Cheers for 2016! Let’s write more memories together!~


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