3. The exhaustion toils on you.

you felt yourself wearing thin.
you desire to throw everything in the bin.

It’s a thing in this reality.
Each one of us will (at one point or another) feel this escalating amount of exhaustion which initiate queries of satisfaction or contentment.

When I lie down,
I can feel my lips forming a frown.
Memories unwanted rise,
and I begin my happy lies.

It’s almost a dull routine, the reality, that is.
But I guess, I focus too much on how I picture my life should be that I completely forget the beauty of today.

On the field,
I use your back as my shield.
We sit against each other,
please do remember.

Our lives do intertwine, yes.
Though the struggles you view and the struggles I experience remain parallel through our own perspectives.

Let me lay down my head for a while.
I’ll support you with a smile.
With our dreams splayed among the flowers,
I hope I’ll sleep like this forever.

160117 Jimin, Jungkook

© BTS Official Website (photo)

“The exhaustion toils on you.”


There’s something serene in all of last year’s teaser photos of BTS. I am just bound to write whenever I stare at them again and again.
I hope I get to write for SHINee soon. They’ve had a bunch also. ;;

Let’s beat out the tiring days!~
Lie down or seek support (in any form)!


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