4. I’m sinking deeper and farther so let me.

I lick my lips and look around.
There’s darkness which surround.
It’s the silence that is deafening.
This mere feeling is suffocating.

I trudge a path with uncertainty.
My energy just leaves quietly.
The wind kisses my cheek.
It whispers lies making me sick.

Until I slip into a body of water,
quickly sinking deeper and farther.
My eyelids are going heavier,
maybe I should just sleep altogether.

I can feel the coldness seeping,
through and through it is entering.
I can swim back up,
but I do not want to go back to the top.

I’m falling continuously,
water in my eyes flowing unendingly.
I am not worthy of saving,
but I do hope someone is watching.

In the end, I sleep.
I start to dream dreams I keep.
I open my eyes and I’m floating.
I still am sinking but I am dreaming.

This dream is where I am not scared.
Today, I live as if I care.
So let me sink deeper and farther,
I won’t need help any further.

160125 BTS Jimin 3

© BTS (photo)

“I’m sinking deeper and farther so let me.”


Okay, I am going to admit. I never am growing tired to last year’s aesthetics of BTS. LMAO
I’m too engrossed with the I Need U teaser photos (as how I was, and still am, engrossed with SHINee’s View ones).
I’m thinking of using SHINee next so I hope I’ll become creative by that time.

Anyways, this poetry..
I stumble upon such feelings most of the time. I feel like drowning (not literally though ’cause that maybe a symptom of some cardiac or pulmona– okay, sorry).
It’s a necessary thing to save, I guess. But I don’t want to, somehow (to be saved, that is).
I want to sink deeper and farther in my thoughts and in my dreams up until I’m ready to let dry myself again and face the world’s entirety.

The question is,
“Am I dreaming? Or am I still sinking?”

..right now?

Be safe y’all!~


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