6. It’s heavy so I screamed it away.

*I had coffee, oops.

When I opened my eyes,
the sun was high.
It was blinding,
spreading the warm feeling.

I was lying down,
unconsciously wearing a frown.
Thoughts were swirling in my head,
so I stayed there instead.

Staring at the clear sky,
mouth opening as time goes by.
I reminisce the sweet memories,
the days of the past I always miss.

Disturbed by different things,
pulled up tugging strings.
Suddenly I’m riding a car,
to go somewhere so far.

I stop at the sight of the sea,
the serenity makes me free.
I hear the crashing waves,
coming in to free myself who is a slave.

I come near the shallow part,
to feel the water start.
Hugging my feet with coldness,
like how my heart grabs darkness.

I look around and there’s no one,
what is done is done.
Climbing up the highest platform,
I go up onto it and perform.

At the peak I glance left to right,
cherishing the beautiful sight.
I smirk and rub my nose,
my courage just suddenly rose.


“What are you doing!? Get down there!”
Now I ask, “Why do you care!?”
The disbelief I see on your face,
with sincerity I can trace.

I run and jump,
to the water I dump.
Going further below,
flashing memories show.

I sink further,
with the hurts going deeper.
The air I collected can’t last long,
my life cannot be prolonged.

Until the effect starts,
with the worried hearts,
that I immediately open my eyes,
surprised I wasn’t saying goodbye.

Now outside the car I stand,
with strangers I used to have a bond,
I look into their eyes which gleam,
the heavy feelings go away as I scream.

160205 BTS

© BTS (photo ; screenshot from the Music Video, ‘RUN’)

It’s heavy so I screamed it away.

I have not written a long poem for so long.
If you are reading this and you are having a hard time, I hope you’ll be able to overcome your struggles.
I might not be able to comprehend them nor have the knowledge to know them all, but if it’s heavy, scream it all away.

Sometimes, when we do experience the hard times, we often declare that we’ve had it the hardest. When truthfully, we can’t know that. The experience of pain and the amount of suffering varies in each individual existing in this world. Let’s open our minds and not bring ourselves toward the pedestal of the perfect and the great. Go down even if it’s painful, embarrassing, or anger-inducing.

Be at peace with your self and truthfully forgo what makes you stagnant and does not grow.

*The music video of BTS, ‘Run’, is the whole inspiration of this piece. If you have been able to watch it, then I am genuinely hoping you’ll be able to understand this piece and at some point, be able to correlate it with life’s struggles. Don’t give up!~


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