7. It’s a splitting persona.

You’re not in the Velvet Room,
but still exists with a doom.
You’re not from Inaba Prefecture,
yet they give continuous conjectures.

There’s an exhausted you at the back,
because the front you exude doesn’t lack.
There’s a weary you lying down,
yet at the front you can’t just frown.

We deal with so many things,
and to the happy ones we mostly cling.
We sometimes deal with pride,
and humility we waste and hide.

You do understand all the issues,
at the same time ignoring is what you choose.
You still laugh helplessly,
because people will still notice daily.

Not yet that adult enough,
not really young who is tough.
But one thing still is really sure,
the splitting persona is a cure.

151231 BTS Jikook

© BTS Facebook (photo)

It’s a splitting persona.

This poem is a mix of the game Persona and of course, the aesthetics that BTS has. LOL

I’m not scared anymore. Let me look up and reach for the sky even if the other side of me is fearing for what is coming. :)


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