8. Breaking


Sunyoung stares at the wall, on her bed but not even lying down. She’s on the middle of her single-size bed, crouching and hugging her knees, and unmoving. For a long while, she doesn’t even blink.

At long last, she tilts her head which is resting on her knees, her blank face suddenly breaking out with a small, slightly unnoticeable grin. Slowly getting louder are minute chuckles until she breaks out howling, finally moving and eventually lying down with her arms and legs stretched out. Sunyoung’s long and silky black hair spreads like wildfire on the bed’s surface, some covering a part of her face.

Sunyoung heaves a long sigh yet a smile still evident on her face.

She’s free. She’s finally free.

It eats you from the inside,
there’s nothing you can hide.
Steadily, this thing lodges,
and to many things it latches.

It swallows your heart whole,
in your mind gives a gaping hole.
This is the fear itself,
which I really, really needed help.


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