9. It’s crashing and burning.

*because Min Yoongi is my next favorite and I’m going to use SHINee on my next writing challenge ♥

It was like a fairytale,
at the beginning there was nothing pale.
Every single day was vibrant,
chaos wasn’t rampant.

Gradually, everything fell apart,
more stabs were directed to hearts.
What more was there to hide,
escalated chaos because of pride.

Staring at the ceiling and lying down,
blank face posted not even a frown.
Sighing and closing the eyes,
thinking of ways to say goodbye.

Yet the escape was too hard,
stuck in a permanent house of cards,
starting to separate reality,
deciding to spare the fantasies.

The oil was enough and it’s poured,
and the fire spreads like a long cord,
Looking around and then the sudden turn,
on the bed you just crash and burn.


160212 Min Yoongi Fanpop

© BTS (Fanpop)

It’s crashing and burning.

Let’s burn the hurts away and live fully.


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