10. It’s a wrap!


Clinging with all my might,
fearing the colors will fade from sight,
it’s a zone where I’m most at ease,
I always long for a moment of peace.

Sometimes, I fall down.
I concentrate not to frown.
With closed eyes I sigh,
as the blanket waves goodbye.

I struggle for so long,
within me the agony is prolonged.
as the colorful blanket goes away,
there’s nothing to see every day.

The brightness just fade,
erased are the happiness made.
without the colors everywhere,
life was something I can’t bear.

Until I realized something real,
that not only the blanket had colors to deal.
But the suit I was wearing was colorful,
then I was just one of the fools.

Realization really hits me,
that even without the blanket I see,
colors do not only depend on the outside,
it’s also with me minus the pride.

160214 Onew

© SHINee (image teaser for Dream Girl)

It’s a wrap!

Finally, I’ve written something with SHINee’s image as my inspiration. ♥
Life really gets difficult at times but let the most beautiful colors (in any form) bring brightness and happiness!
I get to indulged with the present (mixed with a tiny bit of the past) but I must now focus in organizing the present for a better future.

I hope this poem brings encouragement to those who became pushed back in the dark.
Let’s live fully!~


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