Quotes through the Years (Part 10)

*with bits of poetry

[Reality ‪#‎HAIKU‬]
Diabetic, huh?
When the wounds heal so slowly,
Damn hard but forgive.


World Vision helps in fulfilling the sincerest desires of kind hearts.
Take time to learn more about the organization and extend kind hands.
Truly, letters from the children make you feel better especially when you’re feeling discouraged or stressed.
A blessed hearts day to everybody!~


The eyes bleed with transparency,
as the heart becomes messed up gradually.
The flow surges like the never-ending river,
but the lilies become stagnant and wither.


I shouldn’t be left with a pen,
because my mind becomes a den.
But it’s lighter when I write,
In writing, everything’s right.


The blade cuts through but not your skin,
it slits directly to something not seen.
The wound bleeds but does not swell,
yet it hurts more internally than the shell.


At the tip of the cliff I fall,
to somebody, help I call.
Yet the falling became soothing,
and it did end the hurting.


“The fire spits anger and the water flows with unrecognized tears yet eventually all dissipates and the soil will bear the greatest fruit.”


[Reality Poem]
The skies darkened,
with feelings burdened.
The rain pours heavily,
with hearts feeling unworthy.

Yet there’s no continuous rain,
just like the ending pain.
But cry and let tears fall,
tomorrow happiness will stand tall.


Green, pink, and yellow,
Colors we really edit,
This was really hard.

We are inspired to write in twenty-four hours.


‘Reparo’ to all the hearts of those who understand.
Farewell. A lovely Lily awaits you.


“Your eyes are smiling,
it’s a wonderful feeling.”


A blessed 2016 to everybody!~ ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。
*more laughters, more tears, more craziness & weirdness, more poems & daydreams, more ideas & thoughts, more of Jinki & of Jimin, more of fandom stuffs, and fulfilling of dreams ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ
No fears and no tears, more smiles and running miles! ໒(⊙ᴗ⊙)७✎▤


The rain pours heavily,
the atmosphere drooping steadily.
Somehow it washes away a memory,
you longed to much to void steadily.


I’m typing this again. 8D
It’s the official three!
where I started learning the ECG.
It’s the official three!
I’m having all learnings etched in my memory.

I’m doing more and more,
and sometimes it’s a tiring chore.
But I do work hard core,
and it’s what my system implore.
Cheers to the three official years of the weirdest and craziest of Heart Station. LOL


The huge mental wires,
ignite steadily huge fires,
transmitting more thoughts.


“I am tortured by my own selfish feelings and thoughts of exhaustion when there are more pain and suffering my eyes cannot see.”

With this, let us commit to continue sponsorship until we impact a growing community.


It is really odd,
but it is not bad.
Because when reality is gloomy,
it is here where I’m happy.
Leader-nim, ‪#‎HappyOnewDay‬!~
Thank you for being an inspiration. ^▽^


Stars which flicker up in the sky,
With dreams soaring so high.
The night light shines bright,
As all we wish get splayed on sight.


Trees grow,
in the forest show.
Roses bloom,
ends in wild and gloom.
Do not ever fret.


It is hard to pick.
With good and bad things to leak.
Who will you vote now?

Let’s write some haiku for the country too.


Habang tayo’y tumatahak sa pagnanais na pagbangon, huwag na huwag nating kalimutang lumingon. Sa bawat hakbang sa tunay na pagbabago, huwag nating kalimutan ang mga pangalang ito. These are their names.


“I- I am afraid. Afraid that eventually, I will forget. That as time pass, I will become numb towards the cries and screams of the innocent, both young and old. Terrified that in the future, I will be forced to hold a gun to protect myself and love ones. Please, make me remember. Shed me some light on how this chaos happened no matter how scattered the origins are. Warn me that there are many sides of the stories being published and shown and never generalize nor assume without facts. Make me learn to stop discrimination. Make me learn discipline and cooperation. Help me promote unity and peace. Do not ever fail to remind me that even in fear, always, always, have faith. It is now or never.”


Do not let the disruptors know that we are disuniting as we remember, reflect, and pray. Let them feel that as others temporarily change their pictures, we thank them for remembering. Let them feel that as others pray and let us know in hashtags, we reflect on our focus on earthly matters and not on the issues not being heard costing lives both young and old. Do not let them see that we debate on how we should properly remember, reflect, and pray when this should not only be seen in this kind of platform but also in many ways.


Pray for everyone. Reflect on our own actions. Be aware of not just this planned atrocious attack in Paris but also of those not really highlighted by the media. Condemn the acts of the extremists and never discriminate any race. Do not ever, ever, ever forget. Remember that in every part of the world, more wounds are trying to heal and more cries should be hushed. Let us stand as one to remember that in war, there are no benefits.


Hindi pa tapos pero bakit kasi nagkape ako?
✒ Ang daming naiisip mula sa utak na takip.
✒ Sa bawat salitang naisusulat ay sana’y may mamulat.
✒ Walang ibang ginigising dito kung hindi ang sarili ko.


“The circle you’ve always imagined has always been your comfort zone. Now, here’s an eraser. I’m really glad you drew it using a pencil. Erase a part of it and move out. There are more shapes for you to fit into. It’s time to paint the future.”


Butterfly, you’re stuck.
Your inner thoughts not cracked.
It’s fine though.
Just let reality flow.


Ang isang paraan ng paglabas ng saloobin ay mag-isip ng susulatin.
Ngunit minsan ito’y hindi sapat kaya sa susunod dapat ay bibigkas rin.


One part of yesterday’s Homily had, “If your eyes lead you to sin, take it out.”
If you viewed this literally, the result could have been blindness. In the best sense, this meant that one must cut off any thing which will lead one to sin. Also, one must cut off any thing which will lead others to sin too. The question which remains in every single chaos is, “Will this thought which may turn to a statement or an act benefit the Lord or.. for my own selfish cause?” It is indeed a striking one for the nation.


“Minsan sa paglalakad ni Juan ay naisip niya kung dos o siete ang pipindutin niya sa kanyang remote. Naisama na rin niya sa kanyang pag-iisip kung talaga nga bang kilala niya ang babaeng walang boses at ang babaeng gumawa ng matamis na pagkain para makasagot siya sa mainit na usapin. Ngunit sa dulo, napag-isipan niyang pagtuunan ang pagkinig sa platapormang ilalatag ng mga nagsusulputang magsisilbi sa lipunan, tingnan ang mga motibo nila at pakinggan kung sino ang totoong magtutuwid ng daan. Tanong niya’y, Meron rin ba itong patutunguhan?”


“The border decreases in size. Little by little, it takes lives as its prize. Explosions and shots can be heard on the other side; the powerful and the abusive just collide. They never seem to remember that life ends in a hundred, and spend more of their lives in hatred. Up until the innocent flee, and they still do not notice how one by one the lives wither, you see.” — As much as I think about the concerns we have in our nation, I cannot help but think of those fleeing from the warring damnation. Poor children, ;;;


“She speaks often & get crazy even. But if she chooses the happiest place it is the time there is.. SOLACE.”


The ‪#‎HarukiMurakami‬ Reading Challenge
📖 I met a cat in a bookstore and he was not ordinary. He was standing and checking out the new arrivals. Am I dreaming? I asked him. To my nonexistent surprise, the cat replied, “Nope. You’re in a Haruki Murakami world. Read and write about it. You will get lonely and you will catch despair, but I AM here so those won’t matter.” Clueless but submissive, I jumped into his suggestion. Finally. I said to myself, “I should not judge a cat’s instinct.”. ✒



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