13. Life tastes like mint.

160229 Min Yoongi

It’s a lost case,
this is what I face.
I’m lost and can’t find a way,
so in the forest I freeze and stay.

I’m really tired,
the trees I just admired.
They’re all so tall and strong,
not like me feeling small and so wrong.

I stand for a long time and stare,
towards nothing I really don’t care.
Then I rest my head on to my arm,
secretly wishing there’s no harm.

The forest is thick and vast,
I became too lost so fast.
Even with life around blooming,
I felt hopelessness looming.

Until I raised my head up,
light rays were blinding at the top.
I followed the rays which beamed,
there’s the sun like hope which gleamed.

I smiled and realized I found the way,
suddenly had a feeling of wanting to stay.
Because I thought I wasn’t worth it,
outside the forest I might not fit.

Yet the forest opens up,
and a long pathway suddenly popped.
I think this is what life is telling me,
that I shouldn’t worry and live life freely.

© BTS (Official Website)

Life tastes like mint.

I’m sorry.
I apologize to the life I have not been living fully.
I apologize to the life I always state should be lived with positivity but all I had in mind were regrets and unconfident fulfillments.
I apologize to the past year I cannot get over with because I’m too sentimental and too sensitive, too unmoving and too unloving.
I apologize to how I influence myself and those around me to touch more the topics  of stress, of misunderstandings, of hate and dislike, of fights, of anger, of anything not positive.

Today is rare day in four years.
Today, I am starting to be thankful to the life I am living fully.
I am starting to live with positivity and cherish my fulfillments with confidence and humility.
I am starting to live with more tears but tears with love and understanding.
I am starting to be sentimental in the right ways and be able to move on or let go if I have to, to be sensitive without disrupting others.
I am starting to live my life with the first day of the next month with more appreciation and less complaints, with more spoken gratitude and suppressed negative observations, with more of the positive and nothing, if not, less, of the negative.

Thank you, I’m sorry, please live freely.

*Min Suga of BTS is my inspiration this time. He’s so.. minty (cute, asdfghjkl;!).


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