14. I’m right here.

Lives intertwine,
I hope it is fine.
We hide from the chaos,
the protests we wish to pause.

Through poets and poetry,
I yearned for you gradually.
Our lives intertwined,
we hope those two won’t mind.

Friendships blossomed,
even if lives felt doomed.
We continued through writing,
like our lives worth living.

The feeling of drowning,
or in a contest when I’m winning,
you said you were like a dove,
flying and in love.

We both became broken in the end,
and more goodbyes to you I send.
I know I still feel deeply in love with you,
but the pain we feel is too much too.

As lives end and dreams become dust,
we bury both happy and sad in the past.
But always remember when you think no one cares,
whisper my name and I’ll be right there.

*inspired by Kyung-sook Shin’s I’ll Be Right There
*no photo as my aesthetical inspiration today

It’s been days and if I think about I’ll Be Right There by Kyung-sook Shin, I still get teary-eyed and cry in the end.
I don’t know why I fell so in love with this novel but it instantly became an important piece in my life as soon as I finished it.
Thinking about the novel, I still try to choose my favorite character but in the end, I still fail.
I recommend this book to everyone. Please read it. It’s painfully beautiful.


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