17. There’s only slow thumps.

I took caffeine today,
hoping to have courage to say,
yet I was so wrong,
as I got lost in a throng.

I thought I’ll get used to it,
when I drink coffee after I eat.
I thought there’s only slow thumps.
but I can’t confess since I get stomach cramps.

You changed your hair color today,
I silently watch you as I stay.
There’s only slow thumps,
but my heart encounters bumps.

Coffee makes me boosted,
yet my feelings shouldn’t be busted.
I see you were on the airport this morning,
it’s you I’m really liking.

When I finally see you face to face,
my slow heartbeats start to race.
There’s only slow thumps,
that was before because my heart.. it just jumps.

*inspired by asdfghjkl; Bangtan’s hair color change (and yes this is love)
*no photo as my aesthetical inspiration today (but I’m still in the hype with whatever’s coming this May onwards)


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