22. It’s odd and it’s worth it.

I sometimes creep you out,
that fear is what you shout.
But I really am not scary,
just weird most likely.

Things of kids are what I adore,
and everything magical is what I yearn for.
I still think about fairies I do I do!
I hope you think about these things too.

It is sometimes tough,
and when comments get rough,
I start to feel a little bit sad,
but I know others don’t mean anything bad.

There’s times when I’m afraid,
that I should act like how an adult is made.
Yet there isn’t even that difference,
since kids do have some wise sense.

And that is the thing with being odd,
that it’s not really that bad.
When you run around and be free,
become child-like and it’s worthy.

Odd era 2

© SHINee – Odd Era teaser photo

It’s odd and it’s worth it.

I wrote this after playing Persona 4 in Vita.
Well, there wasn’t anything striking about me playing P4 but suddenly, it just hit me that it’s fine. -that it’s fine I still play this thing, and I still daydream about anime, and I still run around like a kid, and still laugh about the littlest of things, and everything else corny and not cool.
Most of the time, I overthink. -like a lot. I fail at enjoying things and end up using most of my physical, mental, and emotional capacities so I get home being emo and everything sad.
Well, this is new. I say hello to living freely. I say goodbye to grudges and irritability.
Let this odd thing (for me) start!


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