24. I hope you take this.

There are things we do not understand,
and to becoming misfits we land.
But every single day, we’re living,
so there’s always something worth believing.

There are things which bring us to exhaustion,
turning our fears toward completion.
Yet there’s still hope that is left,
So do not feel too bereft.

There’s this wonderful Homily,
for it’s the year of mercy.
That we often neglect the pains of others,
because of the pain they caused us like a curse.

It is stated as individualistic,
and in extreme cases, egoistic.
Because we dwell on our own pains,
and can’t see other people clamped by chains.

So, I hope you take this.
The sincerest of all the sorry-s.
Let’s better live this life fully,
and from anger and pride, be free.

*inspired by yesterday’s Homily
*no photo as my aesthetical inspiration today (but hello, today I’m finalizing my writing arena so please anticipate)

From this day on, I have to try my very best to focus more on the good things, to forget about the bad memories, and to present myself as sincere as possible.
I’m getting exhausted nowadays. I feel I’m getting more constricted with my current way of life so I need to sprinkle some fun in it.
I need to prioritize and set my limits upon things which aren’t even uncontrolled.


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