25. You cannot give up.

I woke up feeling drained,
thinking of real life got me pained.
I got so sick of my routine,
and I want to quit my current scene.

But as soon as I hit an Asian channel,
and saw how suddenly dreams fell,
I felt so embarrassed,
and realized how I wasted the time which passed.

I watched the people crying,
over their love ones basically missing.
With the pictures depicting a tragedy,
I realized I was also crying softly.

Indeed, this isn’t the time to slack off,
and we all need to be sincere and tough.
Help should not be stopped.
You and I cannot just give up.Kumamon

© Kumamon – Kumamoto’s Official Mascot

You cannot give up.

I’ve been watching news and videos regarding the earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador and it’s really, really, really devastating. It’s painful to see people being in difficult times and to see works of art and helpful structures and facilities destroyed.

Yet, we cannot give up.
We must support one another and help rebuild the broken.

I’ll help and I hope you will too!

This is the start of my something new.



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