27. Save Me.

In the enchanted garden,
I know I’ve fallen.
Can you please save me?
Or perhaps just set me free?

As I lie down on the grass,
I hear the breaking of the glass.
As I spread my arms wide,
I let my feelings glide.

If I have fallen this time,
is this thing a crime?
I know I’m not yours,
but this love, it just pours.

The ticking of clock, I hear.
I hate those dropping tears.
You tell me it’s okay.
So I wait here and stay.

Save me.
It’s with you I’m happy.
And before I fall,
it’s your love I call.


© BTS Official Website (Day Ver. Concept Photo – Young Forever)

Save Me.

Save Me by Bangtan is beautiful. ;;;
I still cannot get over how Fire can hype you out but this song.. ;;;;;;;;;;
I love the music, the beats, the voice transitions, the rap parts, the English parts, and the whole meaning of the song.
Please extend that hand, save me save me.
I need your love before I fall fall.
How can Jimin’s voice be so heartbreakingly high-pitched and beautiful? :o

Anyways, this poem was written while listening to Save Me by Bangtan.

PS. I’m concentrating in writing more pieces here in my blog.
Thanks! :)
Start 160503


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