29. Save Me. (Part II)

A/N: Because Bangtan just released a music video for a beautiful song (at 10 PM KST like why?????)

You fall down slowly.
And you reach for my hand steadily.
But fear gets into me,
so you fall and stopped being free.

As the ticking of the clock starts,
the pressure gets into me in one shot.
I know you’re down there somewhere,
and yet I’m here afraid to care.

You let me hold your hand tonight,
and you assure me with a smile so bright.
I tell you to not leave me alone,
but in the end, failure is what I’ve shown.

As I gulp in the fear,
and as I finished shedding tears,
I begin to gather courage,
so saving you, I can manage.

I’m lonely,
for me, you’re lovely.
I know you need my hand,
I’ll fall so give me your love, I command.

© https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZjt_sA2eso
Big Hit Official Youtube (BTS – Save Me MV)

Save Me. (Part II)

I’ve been exhausted, lately.
But SHINee had dome tours (so I’m going to update myself), leadernim again sang Nessun Dorma (///cries///), and BTS just released Save Me music video, how awesome is my fangirl life? LMAO

These. All of these. Makes me forget why I’m pissed off. And I’m going to forget all of the hate. I’m saved tonight. <3

The real beginning!~


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