30. The waves crashed.

The sunlight shines through,
as soon as the rain dries too.
The birds chirp and the dogs bark,
whatever’s hidden comes out with a spark.

The waves crashed, it’s done, it’s done.
The armor’s rusty, it’s gone, it’s gone.
The seagulls hover, farewell, farewell.
I’m glad since you’re well, you’re well.

The confusion seems to rise,
there’s no consistency with lines.
Yet the sunlight shines through,
drying all the inconsistencies too.

The bright light warms until the inner depths,
no raindrops which intercept.
As the flower blooms and the kids play,
There will always be a reason to stay.


© SHINee teaser for Boys Meet U

The waves crashed.

SHINee in Tokyo Dome Day 1
I’m proud. ;;; I’ll work hard too just like you.


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