31. It’s the last wish.

The high notes hit off,
and we still hear some scoff.
Even with a longer run,
there’s still hate that’s done.

As you walk on a pedestal,
and you come back and still fall.
Your curiosity whispers,
you wait a little longer.

There’s patience wearing thin,
my anger’s not seen.
But I can’t see your pain,
so in revenge there’s no gain.

At long last, I’m done.
All possibilities, I’ve scanned.
To the future it is!
Going forward, it’s this.

*inspired by SHINee Jonghyun’s Comeback Showcase an hour ago (LOL)
*no photo as aesthetical inspiration today

I’m so happy for SHINee.
I’m so happy for Bangtan.
I’m just happy. <3


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