39. It’s an epilogue.

*I lined up as one of the earliest, got a number and ended up one of the farthest. But still, it was one of the ‘most beautiful moments of my life’

*These are poems and writings I wrote in correlation to last Saturday’s event

Weak and weary, this is me.
This is the definition of exhaustion, really.
As you gain your courage to go on,
Let me see a bit of your thorough organization.

My mind is tired and body’s down.
But I must swear to my life to wear a crown.
I must not think about things which piss me.
So live life fully.


When I wait for you,
I must really love you too.
Through the good times and the bad,
You always stop me from being sad.

Smile for me, my dear.
Please let me dry your tears.
Sing for me those sweet songs.
So I can forget all the wrongs.

Lead me through and towards the light.
Thank you for making me your miss right.
Just as the sun sets and darkness begin,
It is me you can lean.



© #BTSEpilogueInManila (betlag)

It’s an epilogue.

It is definitely one of the most beautiful moments in life.
Bangtan’s music is clearly an inspiration.
Thank you.
I’m ending something so you give me strength to gain courage for the beginning.


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