40. The little stars shine the brightest.

Little star, little star
you seem to be glowing from afar.
Bright light, shine bright
you are a beautiful sight.

Your eyes continuously crinkle
and my heart, like a star, seem to twinkle.
You smile so blindingly light,
In my pocket, I want to keep you tight.

The light you emit is so strong,
the poems I write for you are so long.
My sky seems to become full of you,
I care for you so much too.

Little star, you shine the brightest.
Towards you is my conquest.
Let your glow track my way,
So with the same sky, we’ll stay.

*inspired by the mochi and the bunny (Kpop reference LOL)
*no photo as my aesthetical inspiration today

I’m into writing like this lately.
My ongoing drafts of poetry are full of dreams and love. ;; It’s pretty in my opinion.
But I still have a long, long way to go. And it takes patience and perseverance!

I’m going to strive hard!


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