41. The heavy rain continues to pour.

It’s cold and it’s seeping through your skin.
But you kind of like it, when there, warmth should have been.
Since before, it has been your favorite season,
and it’s when raining where true emotions is what you don.

The raindrops fall, getting heavier,
as if it’s your heart breaking harder than ever.
Yet it’s fine you see, you’re okay.
The rain also washes the sad feelings which want to stay.

The darkness seemed to continue even in the mornings.
And then you sit by the window trying to control your feelings.
You tell yourself that the drops you see are from the rain,
and they do not taste salty and do not come from the pain.

It continues to pour, the rain that is.
You decided to go out and the drops you kiss.
It’s salty, you realized just like your tears.
Well, you’re moving on, so you don’t have anything to fear.

*inspired by the rain (;;;;; I love the rain so much but I don’t want it heavy because people will be having a hard time in life. ;;;;;)
*no photo as my aesthetical inspiration today

*Lee Jinki aka Onew (SHINee) released a duet at SM Station with Jin Ah. I tell you, it’s beautiful. Watch the music video and listen to the song, please. Starry Night is the title of the song. I’m in love with stars as reference and forever will be. ;;;
Anyways, I wrote this while thinking about the rain. Rain relaxes me. ;;; This piece isn’t something with a good feeling but you see, it can be good in the end. And ultimately, it will be good. Just let the rain pass and it will be okay, it will be.

*I’m extremely excited with the pieces I’ve been writing and I hope my goal to publish my work can come true. It’s frightening but I have to believe. Also, not just believe but learn and strive hard. There is nothing impossible in a dream where one strives hard!

*Thank you for reading! I hope I can become more inspired! <3


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